Thursday, 13 January 2011

...and breathe...

Sent off my competition monologue with a thumping heart and an unsteady hand. There is something quite disconcerting about letting someone else read your work - especially when it is not very likely that you are going to find out what they think - unless of course I win! Never say never...

I have also promised a friend at work that she can read it. Possibly an even more frightening prospect than handing it over to a complete stranger! I know I can rely on her honesty and I think we all need a dose of that now and again. Nothing too crushing though please!

Novel draft is still on track although it would be nice to have a few more hours to dedicate to it every week. I am making sure I type a few words or notes as reminders for when I can next pick it up , thus ensuring that I don't completely loose the thread!

More from me next week.


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