Monday, 25 April 2011

Bring on the sun...

6am - 8am I've finally found my most productive writing time - shame I go back to work tomorrow! During the Easter hols I have been writing within minutes of waking up and have found the time particuarly productive. Fortunately its not long before half term and then the Summer hols so I will be able to manipulate my schedule as much as I want to.
The novel has been really skipping along since I made some major changes to the starting point and I am keen to keep the momentum going now life returns to a more rigid routine. I am hoping to meet up with a former creative writing course participant in a couple of weeks for some mutual support and swapping of ideas. No matter how much you love writing there's no denying it can be very isolating so a group of friends, or even one, can save your sanity in tougher times. As always I'll keep you posted.

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