Thursday, 23 June 2011

A little bit of what you fancy...

...can be a dangerous thing! I have indulged myself this week and consequently completely lost my focus...
A matinee performance of The Lady in the Van by Alan Bennett was quite superb but left me with that 'why can't I write like that feeling' and reading The Road Home by Rose Tremain which is so wonderfully lyrical has left me with the 'why doesn't my prose flow like that feeling'.
How I will combat this angst I do not know although I intend to spend a few hours typing away tomorrow in the hope that it will all come back to me! It will. Won't it?
I have found myself this week in dark moments asking 'why do I put myself through this? Why can't I just spend my free time drinking wine and eating bon bons on the sofa like normal people?' Every time that little voice answers; 'because you have stories to tell and you have to write them down, however badly! It is a compulsion, not a choice!'
An artistic temperament, the onset of madness or both? You decide...

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