Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Confidence...committment and gusto...

Did I find them? Are they back? Well confidence is still somewhat lacking but I'm scoring 10 out of 10 on the committment front thanks to a shift in my writing pattern. Ordinarily I would sit and write all day on my two days off from work. Highly comendable yes but also incredibly easy to loose the thread and produce a narrative that seems very stop, start and reads just as badly.
To combat the problem I am trying to write every day (usually around one and a half hours after everyone else is in bed) and of course all day Wednesday and Friday as before. I am finding it heavy going but it is my choice, my committment, after all, what is the point of half heartedly chasing a dream? You have to give it everything, really go for it. That way, whatever the outcome, you know you've tried your best!
Happily I have had another letter published in Writing Magazine this month describing my excitement when I found out I had reached the final judging stage of the short story competition. And I have to tell you...I could get used to seeing my name in print...

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