Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I think we're there...

Well I don't really know how it happened but I think I might have just finished my first ever draft! There I was typing I am every Wednesday...when suddenly at 71,571 words I had finished. No fuss, no drama, just done. Not bad for four months intensive effort.

Of course I know that now the really hard work starts. I have got to turn my very rough draft into something polished to perfection and that in itself 'aint gonna be easy but bring it on! I still love the story and the characters so I feel pretty certain I can see this one through.

I'm going to force myself to lock it away and not read any of it for at least a week (eek). I think I may submit a story or two to Shortbread by way of distraction and see how it reads after the break - hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised...we'll see.

Now off to have a little cry...

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