Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Onwards ever onwards...

Today I have spent around five and a half hours writing and the word count has gone up to over 65,000 which is around another 14,500 words in just under two weeks.

I don't really know how it has happened to be honest. I just seem to sit down and the words start to flow. I certainly think writing every day has helped because there is no opportunity to lose the thread and no need to read back beyond the last couple of pages before I get going again. The intense productivity probably comes down to the planning and preparation. Of course I've dipped in and out and changed bits and pieces but I've always had an idea of how, where and why things are going to happen, that has certainly kept me on track.

I'm fairly close to finishing the first draft now which is way ahead of schedule...three months in fact...not that I'm complaining...because then the re-drafting fun really starts! I have been keeping notes as I go along and I'm pretty sure the final manuscript will be quite different to this first draft however, this is the furthest I have ever got and that feels pretty good!


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