Saturday, 23 November 2013

Don't let the blankets fool you!

The temperature has finally plummeted and yet again the same old preoccupations have reared their ugly heads - chiefly, how to keep warm when you're sitting in front of a screen for hours on end!

Personally I favour the layering approach which generally includes a vest, long sleeved top and jumper, a hat, gloves (fingerless of course), pyjama bottoms, slippers, scarf and a fleecy blanket. This fetching get up can be enhanced by the addition of a hot water bottle during the crueler months and in truly desperate times a dressing gown can be thrown over the whole lot - I kid you not.

Without fail however, it has always been my poor feet that suffered the most by the end of a marathon typing session, but not for much longer!

Having mentioned 'writer's ailments' on Twitter this week the wonderful Sue Moorcroft came up with the perfect solution - a foot muff! Why hadn't I thought of that before? I hurriedly Tweeted back my thanks and began an immediate online search. Did you know, you can even get heated ones? Imagine that, a nice warm muff to keep my toes toasty!

Anyway, check out the (aesthetically challenging) image and you'll see what I mean. This winter I may look like I've just come in from the cold, but there'll still be plenty of heat and passion pouring onto the page!



  1. You just have to remember to extract feet as you get up from your desk … :-)

    1. Very good point Sue! Extricating myself from the many layers is challenging enough - when you add electricity and wiring to the equation...