Saturday, 7 December 2013

Bits & Bobs

Wow, what a week! Huge thanks to Samantha Tonge for tweeting about the post I wrote last Friday. The blog views over the last seven days have been through the roof so there really can be no denying the power of social media.

Monday was a joyous day. Complete and utter immersion in the new novel meant I hit 10,000 words before I had a chance to blink and there was simply no time to worry about my 'muff-less' feet. The heat bouncing off the keyboard alone was enough to secure a healthy glow and, given the chance, I could have sat and typed all night! It really was a sheer delight to be swept along for most of the day and first indications from my alpha reader suggests I was justified in feeling pleased with my efforts. With Christmas and a house move on the horizon I know my word count could take a battering, but I am determined to keep on top of it and prioritise my writing time over the ironing (just don't tell my mother)!

Talking of my mother and guilt, I am also harbouring feelings of guilt on the Kindle front. Chatting with my mum on Tuesday she was quick to point out that when they first appeared on the market I was insistent that I would not be buying, that I loved the feel of a book, that no 'gadget' could replace the thrill of bookshelf browsing. I couldn't deny that her recollections were accurate and I shamefacedly admitted that I had committed the cardinal sin of judging and dismissing an experience I had never had. So I now wish to publicly apologise for my bias and would like it noted, as if you don't already know, that I adore my kindle! Not only has it transformed my bedtime reading experience (no more juggling night lights and torches), but it has also broadened my reading horizons. I have already downloaded and discovered novels and authors I might otherwise have not been aware of and that would have been a terrible shame.

My current Kindle read is There's More to Life Than Cupcakes by Poppy Dolan and it is an absolute corker! No spoilers I promise, but I will just say that it is shrewdly observant, funny and beautifully written. The words simply flow off the subtly lit screen and have been responsible for more than one late night this week!


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