Saturday, 1 March 2014

And then there were two...

This week has really been quite something! Not only does it look like we are going to be moving after 17, yes 17, agonising weeks of waiting. I have also very nearly completed the first draft of my second novel, The Cherry Tree Cafe!

Finishing the first draft as the blossom is about to burst makes the moment even more poignant! 

As I scroll through the 80,000+ words of the first draft I can hardly believe that I have managed to do it what with the stress of Christmas and all the added stress surrounding the 'will they, won't they', moving saga. When you throw in the fact that I only have a couple of lengthy writing days a week because I work part time, then I am even more amazed by what committing to my writing has helped me achieve.

I first began planning this novel last November and somehow it is written and will be, in a month or so, ready for the initial edit. I can only assume that my speedy completion is primarily down to the added amount of planning I went through second time around. I never had a plan or plot set in stone but I did have a very clear idea of where my main character Lizzie Dixon was heading and why. The draft was a joy to write and I will savour the moments on Monday, or possibly tomorrow, when I type the final few pages with, as ever, a lump in my throat and a shocked voice in my head reminding me that I have written a novel, another one!


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