Friday, 13 June 2014

I've been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award!

The very lovely Julie Stock (Twitter pal and fellow RNA NWS member), has very kindly nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award! I feel hugely honoured that she has considered 'me and my blog' worthy and once again have to pay homage to the joys of Twitter and all the wonderful people around the world that I have connected and become firm friends with since signing up.

The rules state that I now have to nominate 15 other bloggers who are doing great things with their own online patch. If they decide to accept they can then display the Versatile Blogger badge and nominate 15 further blogs, not forgetting to reveal 7 as yet unknown things about themselves in the same post! Choosing just 15 has been a difficult task as so many great people are blogging about anything and everything these days as you can see from my diverse and somewhat eclectic list of nominees!

My nominees are:

Mandy Baggot - Kick arse author who tells it like it is and has a passion for bacon
Cassie Fairy - Lifestyle blogger with vintage class
Hapton Meadow Gnowangerup Cottage - Self sufficiency & craft blogger living the good life
Katy Not Wed or Dead - Intrepid traveler & writer (currently mentored by Rosie Blake)
Julie Houston - Author and teacher who has traveled far and wide
Ellie Hutchinson Huffle In A Duffle - Sci-fi author and avid Harry Potter fan (whoop)
Julia Webb - Norfolk Poet and inspirational creative writing tutor
Bella Osborne - Rom com author with a gorgeous rainbow blog
Keri Beevis - Award winning Indie author who specializes in crime...writing
Karen E Coles - writing, art, wildlife and random stuff blogger
Sophie in the Sticks - Lifestyle and fashion blogger with a fabulous flair for photography
Jill Stratton - Fabulous book blogger who just happens to read books I love
Amanda Addison - An author with a talent for arts, crafts and all things textile related
Dylan Hearn - Suffolk Scribbler and funny guy
Lost the Plot - the ups and downs of vegetable growing

Ok, so that's my list of nominees, now I have to tell you 7 things you don't already know about me!

I'm short, he's tall - I'm just 5ft and the love of my life is 6ft 5
Harry Potter enthusiast - Books, films, studio tours, I love it all
4 tattoos - All since the age of 35 and none of them small...
Hare lover - Solitary, strong, independent, bold, in abundance in my patch of Norfolk
Rainy day champagne champion - Always have a bottle chilling to take the edge off a really bad day
Dreams of visiting NYC in the fall - A cliche but the whole 'bouquet of sharpened pencils' line makes me swoon
Mumford fan - The commitment, enthusiasm and passion also makes me swoon...

So that's it folks! A mammoth post - thanks for sticking with me till the end!



  1. I'm taking your advice ont he rainy day Champagne :D

    1. Hi Sophie, it really is the ultimate cure-all!

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