Sunday, 20 July 2014

Prizes, plotting & publishing plans!

What a week! Not only has the RNA NWS Our Path to Publication feature launched but I have also won prizes, been plotting the finer details of my next novel The Skylark Serenade and seriously considering my publishing options for The Cherry Tree Cafe!

First up my fabulous win from Avon books. I entered their wonderful essentials giveaway on Facebook by simply telling them what would be my book of choice if I found myself on a dessert island. A Room With A View by E.M. Forster has been top of my list since I was 14 years old so that was the obvious choice and look what it won me! A copy of The Atlas of Us by Tracy Buchanan, a Cath Kidston Rose travel essentials pack, cupcake wrapped tissues and a selection of Love Hearts. Thank you Avon, I'm thrilled to have won such a pretty prize!

As well as winning prizes I have also finished reading the stunning debut Undertaking Love, by Kat French.

The plot made me laugh, cry and pretty much everything in between. An unusual tale with plenty of twists and a heady dose of passion. Believe me once you've read this cracking novel you'll never think of an undertaker in the same way!

Plotting The Skylark Serenade continues apace and I plan to begin writing at least the first 10 or so chapters over the summer break. I've also been weighing up my publishing options, thanks to various posts on the fabulous The Write Romantics blog, and can confirm that I shall definitely be publishing The Cherry Tree Cafe, one way or another... more to follow...

Wattpad reads of The Cherry Tree and Dead Man's Tree are steadily rising and this week I've also joined the Facebook group Writing Is My Passion run by Rachel Medhurst.

The coming week finally sees the end of term and the luxury of almost six whole weeks of creative opportunity which I fully intend to make the most of! Don't forget to check back in on Friday for the next post in Our Path to Publication feature.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!



  1. Looks like you're going to be very busy! Have a great summer, Heidi and get lots of writing done. Glad you've decided to publish The Cherry Tree Cafe and that you've found the Write Romantics' blog helpful. I follow it, too, and it's full of useful tips and advice and some great interviews. Congratulations on your win - lovely prizes! And thanks for the book recommendation - Undertaking Love sounds really interesting! I used to love William and Mary, a programme about an undertaker and a midwife who fell in love. I'll have to check this novel out. x

    1. Hi Sharon. Yes, events certainly seem to be gathering momentum! Amazing what you can achieve with a great bunch of supportive women behind you and an added pinch of determination and drive! I've always known what I've wanted, just never dared to even dream that I might be able to achieve it. Now I feel like I'm on a roll and nothing can stop me! I'm sure you'll enjoy Undertaking Love and I wish you a productive summer in return! x

  2. Good luck. Exciting times ahead x

    1. Thanks Aurelia! All down to the support and goading from you lovely writer types! X

  3. Hi Heidi-Jo
    A Room With a View is one of my favourites too and it's a great choice for a desert island read. On behalf of the Write Romantics I just wanted to say that it's so lovely to hear that you've found our blog helpful and inspirational. Best of luck with getting The Cherry Tree Cafe published.
    Alys x

    1. Thank you for commenting Alys and may I congratulate you on your impeccable taste? I wrote my dissertation on the merits of Mr Forster and it is always a thrill to 'meet' another enthusiast! The Write Romantics and a number of other RNA NWS members and authors have all all been instrumental in taking my 'oh I'd love to' daydreams and turning them into my 'oh I can and will' reality and I offer you and each and every one of them heartfelt thanks!

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