Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to school...

Those three little words 'back to school' have a varied impact depending on who you are talking to! For strung out parents with little ones more often than not the words are a welcome beacon shining like the promised land at the end of a six week long and expensive tunnel, but for others the emotions are more mixed.

Personally I'm quite happy to be going back to school. I have the luxury of working part time which means I can also write part time and this September I have the benefit of knowing that this has been a summer well spent. Six glorious weeks of living the writing life has left me with a warm glow and a huge sense of achievement.

I've appeared as a guest on some other fabulous blogs (Jennifer Joyce, Liz Tipping, Novelicious and The Write Romantics). I've run my own Path to Publication Friday feature and included posts from several of my fellow RNA NWS members. I've managed to write over 55,000 words of The Skylark Serenade and as if all that wasn't enough, I've made some whopping decisions with regards to the future of The Cherry Tree Cafe! Details to follow...

Never one to leave a party quietly I've also lined up a fabulous final Path to Publication post from the very lovely and incredibly talented Kerry Fisher, total success story and author of The School Gate Survival Guide. 

I finished reading her debut novel last night but it was obvious after just the first couple of pages why Kerry has been snapped up and has had the pleasure of seeing her novel roll off the printing press. The story is an absolute joy, her characters a cut above, the plot tight and punchy, but hand in hand with all of that are Kerry's astute observations of the minutiae which had me giggling and groaning from beginning to end.

I hope you have all had a productive summer and will come back on Friday for the Path to Publication Grand Finale. Have a great week!

H-J x

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