Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween and beyond!

If social media is to be believed we are already hurtling headlong into the silly season and yet in reality we haven't even celebrated Halloween yet. I know it happens every year, the wheels of commercialism push us ever on in a heady panic and come mid January we'll all be stocking up on chocolate eggs but this year, more than ever, I'm finding myself being swept along and have decided to put the brakes on and discover just how much more I can cram into what has already been an extremely productive year.

Plans are still in motion for the publication of The Cherry Tree Cafe so please don't think the novel has been consigned to the memory stick. On a day to day basis I'm currently editing (for the first time) the novel that was originally named The Skylark Serenade which in itself is something of a miracle as my self imposed deadline for completing the first draft was last Friday. Somehow I've managed to write it, rest it and go back to it within well, I can't quite remember. When a story has been living with you for so long, timing gets a little blurred around the edges.

Along with the editing I'm incorporating a little pinch of seasonal spice and shall be posting a Festive Round Up featuring the lovely RNA ladies who took part in the Summer Path to Publication feature. I'm looking forward to discovering how everyone has spent their writing year, whether they will be continuing with their NWS membership and what their literary plans are for 2015.

I myself am off on my blogging travels during the next few weeks. At the end of this week I'm appearing on the blog of lovely Susanna Bavin and sharing my thoughts on writing routine in time for the start of NaNo and then sharing a 'getting to know you' post with Librarian Lavender.

My Festive Reads post for Jennifer Joyce will put in appearance nearer to Christmas and I am already immersed in festive fiction, (as you can see from the post I shared yesterday), the delights of which have hit my radar properly for the first time this year. You'll have to read the post to discover why!

And last but by no means least, I'm heading back down to London on November 15th, courtesy of Novelicious for the Books and The City Creative Writing Masterclass featuring the Fiction Goddess herself, Milly Johnson. My darling daughter has already warned my that fan-girling will not be appropriate...

So there you have it! 2014 is all set to end on a real high. I just hope I've remembered to schedule in enough time to deck the halls and stuff the bird! Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Also sometie in that lot you need to shop and rest. Busy schedule. Enjoy