Sunday, 23 November 2014

Introducing the Path to Publication Festive Round Up!

So much has happened this year that I still can't believe that I haven't actually crammed 24 months into 12. Truth be told, I'm shattered, spent, done but with December 1st looming large on the calendar I reckon there's just enough time to cram in one final blog flourish!

You may remember that during the Summer I ran a Path to Publication feature thanks to a bunch of very kind fellow RNA  New Writers Scheme members who wrote posts chronicling their literary journeys so far. Well, 4 months on and we're going to do it all again. Not everyone can take part but a fair few are and I can't wait to read how everyone's hopes and plans have developed as we bowl headlong towards 2015.

I won't be renewing my NWS membership in January, however I'm certain that the friendships I have made during the course of the year will last a lifetime! Receiving a professional critique of my manuscript has proved invaluable, but equally so has been the companionship and camaraderie from fellow scheme members who fully understand the highs and lows of this tempestuous journey.

If anyone who isn't taking part has a change of heart or if someone new would like to come on board then please message me and I'll schedule you in. As for me, I'm heading back to The Cherry Tree Cafe this week. Time to get the ball rolling people!

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