Sunday, 22 February 2015

Welcome back Kim!

This week I'm delighted to welcome Kim Lain back to the blog. To say that Kim had a tempestuous 2014 would be putting it rather mildly but I'm thrilled to discover that she has grabbed 2015 by the horns and is making it a year to remember! Welcome back Kim.

Moving onwards and upwards

With regard to my writing, 2014 was not the best.

In January last year my eighty-three year old mother-in-law fell and hurt herself badly.  Unfortunately, this was the start of a downward spiral.  Illness took hold of her very quickly and most of our time after that was taken up by caring for her.  Sadly, she passed away in late June, and for me it was then a momentous task to try and buckle down and finish my NWS manuscript before the deadline of 31 August.  When the report came back in October it wasn't too much of a surprise to discover it probably wasn't my best effort to date.

I mentioned on my own blog recently:

about spotting the signs of Spring, and how I intended 2015 to be a fresh, new start in my writing career.  So - how have I gone about this?

Well, setting up a blog was something I'd intended to do for quite some time, so a couple of weeks ago I finally bit the bullet.  Compared to other blogs I've read it probably isn't the most professional looking product yet,  but I hope to tweak it as the weeks and months go by.  I'm still not convinced that anyone has the slightest bit of interest in what I have to say but hey-ho, it's done, and I've made a start.

And, after three years in the RNA NWS I've now joined ROMNA, the online RNA community, and I am now privy to all the posts put on there by some very famous writers of romantic fiction.  Ive no idea why I waited so long.  There's some very useful advice and it's great to be kept in the loop about what's going on, on a daily basis.

Lastly, I feel at last as if I'm finally getting my head around that extremely important phrase 'internal conflict'.  My Reader from the NWS gave me some excellent advice about this in his/her report so hopefully I've put this into practice in the first three chapters I've posted off to Kate Walker in readiness for her retreat next month in Leeds.  I'm always slightly anxious about sending off my manuscript to the RNA, so the thought of this fabulous lady casting her eye over my work is making me very nervous indeed.  Only time will tell, I suppose, about whether I've got it right.

So - that's what I've been up to for the first six weeks of 2015 - what about you?  


  1. Thanks again Heidi for letting me contribute to your wonderful blog x

  2. You are most welcome my lovely. Lots of sharing and tweeting today!