Sunday, 26 April 2015

Clare Hey saves the day

As anyone who follows me on social media knows, last week was not the best. The absence of my annoyingly upbeat early morning sunny Facebook statuses although a relief to some was missed by many and I can only apologise. However, my less than chirpy tweets were justified as I was in the depths of migraine hell, the like of which I hope to never, ever experience again.

My mood was low and just when I was beginning to seriously wonder whether there was any joy to be found in a world where I had to keep the curtains shut and my head very, very still, a beacon of hope appeared in my inbox.

I opened the email from Clare Hey, (simply the very best editor in the world) and gazed for the first time at the cover art for The Cherry Tree Cafe. It seemed incredible to me that somehow the designer responsible for such perfection had encapsulated the very essence of what I had been hoping for and had I not been in such excruciating pain I would have shed more than a tear.

Needless to say I am desperate to share, but all in good time and believe me, it is totally worth the wait!

On a different but nonetheless delicious note, did you know that this is National Stationery Week? The aim behind it is to #GetBritainWriting as well as enjoying the pleasure of beautiful stationery.

I admit to being a very recent convert to writing longhand and my main body of work goes straight down on good old A4. The planning and notes are reserved for the Beautiful Books.

Below is a photo of my most recent additions courtesy of my daughter Millie, my mum and Sara-Jade Virtue from Books and The City. Total coincidence that they all have eco covers! Please feel free to share photos of your favourite stationery in the comments section below. I can't imagine I'm the only one who can't resist...

H x

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