Monday, 30 May 2016

Summer At Skylark Farm Publication Celebration plans

I can hardly believe it but the calendar is telling me loud and clear that this week, on June 2nd to be precise, my second novel, Summer at Skylark Farm will be published. It probably sounds like a bit of a cliche to say that it only seems like yesterday that The Cherry Tree Cafe was launched, but it does. 

Where has that year gone? And more to the point, how have I managed in those few months in between to write another novel and plan a couple more? I guess it goes to prove that if you want something so badly you will work your butt off to get it. Not that my butt has gotten any smaller. I think it is what is known in The Trade as, well you get the idea...

In true Heidi style I decided a couple of weeks back that I really couldn't let the novel be published without a little celebration along with the opportunity to say thank you to you wonderful readers, bloggers and fellow authors. So, if you do happen to be in Norfolk next Saturday morning do pop along and say hello. I can promise there will be cake and bunting in abundance!

Next week I will have news of the prettiest blog tour imaginable which will be kicking off on June 6th and offering plenty of inspiration to encourage you to visit the great British countryside this summer, but until then, wishing you all a wonderful week!

H x 

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  1. Very excited to be attending. Let's hope the rain has stopped by then! You a very clever girlie and have every right to be proud of yourself. Can't wait to read it.