Monday, 13 June 2016

Time to say thank you!

My goodness, what a few weeks it has been! Author Outings have been many and varied, the Summer at Skylark Farm publication day and subsequent celebrations were a huge success and the Blog Tour was great fun, packed full of recipes, crafting, questions, answers and country childhood memories. It's been an absolute blast and of course, I couldn't have done any of it without you guys.

Whether you've shared a post on Facebook, read the novel and left a fabulous review or made up the list of supportive bloggers who are always willing to offer a spot whenever I ask for one, I thank you all. Every single tweet, share and comment has been HUGELY appreciated.

Publication Day blooms

So now things are calming down what's next on the agenda? I have to admit I'm rather looking forward to re-establishing the writing routine again and getting some serious words down! My first Christmas novel, Mince Pies & Mistletoe at The Christmas Market will be hitting the shelves (yes, paperback as well as e-book) in a little over 4 months (I know), so along with a few editorial tweaks there will be an exciting cover reveal and yet more fizz for the fridge.

And of course I'm poised to dive back into the first draft of my fourth novel, which will be published next Summer, and there might just be a little more news to come from Skylark Farm.

Exciting times ahead for Wynbridge fans so watch this space guys, one day I might even be asking for recruits to form my very own Street Team! Well I can dream, can't I?

Wishing you all a wonderful week and thank you again for making the Summer at Skylark Farm publication celebrations so memorable!

H x

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  1. Enjoyed the blog tour. Can't wait to travel onwards with you on your writing journey.
    Congratulations xxxxxx