Monday, 17 April 2017

Between Books...

I don't know about my fellow author chums but personally I feel all wrong if I haven't got some sort of writing project on the go. All the time. And sometimes that can be a bit of an ask. Take this week for example, I'm well and truly immersed in living #thewritinglife because I'm on hols from the day job but my editor has the first draft of Sleigh Rides so I have all this time, but nothing to really get my teeth into...or so I thought.

Never one to sit idle (what's the point), I've come up with a few things to keep the creative juices flowing and the words coming. Well, three things actually, but as folk say, every little helps.

1. Planning the next novel

Now, I've found this planning lark can be a bit of a tricky one because if I'm not careful I can become too immersed too soon and find it hard to let go and dive back into the project I really should be giving 100% to. The wip deserves nothing less than total dedication so I'll plan a rough outline by all means, I'll crack on with that all important research, but when it comes to committing words to paper or screen I simply have to hold off until the time is right for that first draft to (hopefully) pour out.

2. Blogging - posts and guest spots

Personally I love a bit of blogging and this in-between time is perfect for catching up with either my own neglected little blog or popping off on my travels and visiting some other authors, bloggers and readers. I try to mix things up a bit when it comes to writing posts. Sometimes I'll chat about the books or take on some promo for someone else but mostly I like sharing something a little different, perhaps drawing on my Random List for inspiration or talking about an Author Outing or trip I've taken with the family.

3. Writing a Short Story... or 3

When Summer At Skylark Farm was released as a paperback last year I was absolutely overjoyed and along with the excitement came the opportunity to write short stories for various wonderful magazines. In the end I had stories published in the People's Friend, the My Weekly Christmas Special and the Sunday Express Magazine

It was a phenomenal feeling, seeing the stories in print and beautifully illustrated but I admit I was rather caught on the hop. I'd written short stories before of course, lots of them, but they were all rather dark and they had all appeared in other places so I had to start from scratch! Don't get me wrong, I rather like writing under pressure but I told myself that next time around I would have at least one ready should I be fortunate enough to be asked to contribute to a magazine of newspaper again.

So, while waiting for Sleigh Rides to come back to me that's exactly what I've been doing. Novel number 6 is planned and vying for my attention, I've written lots of blog posts for myself and other folk and as for the short stories, well, I have one drafted out. That's not bad for three days without the wip, is it?

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

H x


  1. That's an amazing writing rate, Heidi! And I love that you were asked to submit short stories on the back of publication of Summer at Skylark Farm. Good work! : )

    1. Thank you lovely. I like to keep the words flowing. I find it easier if I don't have a complete break. More short stories to come! Heidi x