Thursday, 14 December 2017

My #festivefeeling deck the halls

There are few festive traditions that get my heart thumping in quite the same way as 'decking the halls' and I'm not just talking about decorating my own home. An evening car journey from the beginning of December onwards is always a treat as it gives ample opportunity to admire how other folk like to dress their homes and gardens and a Christmas shopping trip is never complete without taking time-out to admire what the fine city of Norwich has to offer.

As far as I'm concerned decent decking has to cater for all ages and I'm going straight to my number one all time favourite decorating idea as displayed in the stunning Victorian Royal Arcade in Norwich this year.

The Royal Arcade, Norwich
Isn't it amazing? Every letter looks as though it has been hand written and they're all winging their way to Santa or one of his reindeer. A slight breeze from either end of the arcade ensures they all move gently. Simply spectacular! I really can't think of a commercial display I have loved more.

The Tunnel of Light, Norwich
Mind you, the spectacular Tunnel of Light, which is back in the city again this year gives the Arcade a run for its money. The colourful light display is truly mesmerising as you can see from our transfixed faces... 

How are you, deer?
Now, I'm not sure everyone in our house would agree with this, but for me Christmas just isn't Christmas without a warm and welcoming touch of kitsch. I have a growing collection of these fabulous fawns, the latest of which is completely covered in pick glitter. I know! I also have some deer vintage wall decorations courtesy of the local vintage shop Junk and Gems and my goal is to one year very soon have enough of these little 'deers' to decorate an entire tree! Just don't tell the family!

However you choose to deck your halls I wish you all a very merry Christmas and if you have a particular favourite decoration of your own or one in your local town do please share in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #festivefeeling

H x

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