Thursday, 21 December 2017

My #festivefeeling Solstice celebration

So here we are, the 25th is almost upon us and this is the last post in the #festivefeeling feature. I hope you have enjoyed it? It has been great fun to write and I've loved being able to share with you some of the things which mean so much to me at this most magical time of the year.

The last thing I'm going to share is my love of the Solstice.

As I am sure you already know, yesterday was the shortest day of the year and many people, myself included, took time out to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun.

From now until midsummer (although it is sometimes hard to believe it), the days are beginning to gradually lengthen, and light and life is returning to the Earth. The Oak King once again carries the crown, having won it back from his evergreen twin, the Holly King.

Living in a world where global issues appear to be so uncertain and unstable I find it comforting to know that Mother Earth calmly carries on. She takes everything the human race throws at her in her stride and no matter who is squabbling over what, the world continues to turn, the bulbs begin to grow, the birds sing and the sun rises to shine on us all.

Whether you choose to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun or the birth of the son, I wish you all a very merry Winter and a happy New Year.

Brightest Blessings

H )O(

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