Monday, 31 May 2010

Welcome to Writer's Blog ...

Welcome to my Writer's Blog...

My creative writing tutor has prescribed writing every day to ensure a steady flow of the creative juices. Unfortunately I have not been overly successful so far, what with the restrictions of work and family life, so I have decided to set up this blog to help things along a bit!

It may not be overly creative but it does mean that I am at least thinking about writing every day and pressing a few letters on the keyboard ...

I intend to use the blog as much as possible over the next couple of months as a way of monitoring my committment to getting words on the page and will be recording current projects to see how much I am producing. Feel free to join me - especially if you to are a struggling writer - lacking in confidence and woefully restricted on the time front. Its all very well setting aside 30 minutes a day in which to write as long as you feel inspired in those given 30 minutes. I am going to try a more random approach. Carrying a pen/penciland notebook wherever I go has helped enormously and enabled me to jot down my thoughts whenever and wherever!

My current projects:a children's fantasy book and a short story.

Self inflicted deadline for the children's book is the end of the summer holidays.

Tutor inflicted deadline for the short story is the end of the course at the beginning of July!

Wish me luck and keep writing!


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