Thursday, 21 August 2014

Our Path to Publication Summer Blog Feature - Catherine Miller

Today I'm sharing the Path to Publication post from Wonder Woman aka 'mum of twins who still manages to write' Catherine Miller. If you aren't in awe of her already you will be by the time you finish reading this! Please put your hands together for one very busy lady!

Have you always been a writer?

Behind closed doors, yes, but being dyslexic and never encouraged with English, I ended up following my love of anatomy (not that kind!) and qualified as a physiotherapist. Ill health (Uveitis caused by Sarcoidosis, which featured in every episode of House, but was never the actual final diagnosis) caused me to retire early. I started a more suitable part-time job and decided it was time to seriously pursue my love of writing.

What prompted you to join the RNA NWS this year?

Because I’m yet to graduate! I’m a slightly longer haul member. I joined in 2010 not realising how hard this novel writing lark is. So far I’ve completed one full length manuscript that is pretty much only fit for the bottom draw, but it was a learning curve. I’m in progress with my second, but there’s been a slight hiccup in that I’ve become a mum to twins. I have to declare it’s the most wonderful amazing job in the world, and has slowed down my writing progress, especially as I lost the ability to form sentences whilst pregnant and it’s only just coming back to me now!

Have you attended any events?

YES! The RNA is fantastic for events and as a new member yet to become published you are welcomed with open arms. I’ve been to the RNA conference, and both the summer and winter parties. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone wanted to network. It was through the RNA parties and the Festival of Romance that I made a group of friends who went on to form The Romaniacs.

What are you planning today with the MS you submit?

To finish it! Twins and writing are an interesting combination. I do somehow manage to get some writing done, but it’s been very limited over the past twelve months. Now the girls have reached the one-year milestone, I’m trying to dedicate a few more evenings to writing. That’s when I’m not too exhausted!

What are your literary aspirations?

Gosh, I guess, ultimately to earn a living from writing in whatever form that may be. The big dream is to be able to go in to Waterstones (or any other good book store) and pick up a copy of my own book. I would love to be able to dedicate something to my twin daughters and for them to have something that is part of me, even when I’m gone.


  1. Phew! Finding time and energy to write when you have two babies to look after? Amazing. Hats off to you, Catherine. I'm sure you'll achieve your dream because you're obviously not a quitter and have overcome a lot of obstacles already. What a blessing those two adorable girls are. Can't believe they're one already! Wishing you the very best of luck in your writing career x

  2. I can't believe you find time to get dressed these days, let alone write anything! Keep it up, you're doing a fabulous job xxx

  3. Catherine, I applaud you! I have no doubt whatsoever that you will achieve that writing dream. Your girls are an absolute credit to you too! Keep up the good work :) Xx