Friday, 24 July 2020

Living the #amwriting Life - July

Now then, before you start telling me that I'm wishing my life away and that there's another week of JULY left, I haven't taken leave of my senses. I always write this round-up during the last weekend of the month and this is it.

But that said, where has July gone? Not all that much has happened either in my life or my #amwriting life, but it has sped by! Thankfully I've found it mentally less stressful and the cooler weather has been much appreciated, but what about work?

In terms of the word count, July has been a productive month and work on BOOK 12 is coming along a treat. I'm beginning to really feel the story now and the characters are coming to life, which is always a welcome moment!

The Winter Garden has been put to bed too. The proof pages arrived as a pdf because no one is in the office so I printed them out at home and then marked them up the changes on my laptop. I tried making the final read through on the screen but it just didn't feel right.

As well as working and writing hard - which probably accounts for the month whizzing by - I also launched The Secret Seaside Escape summer giveaway. Fingers crossed the prizes have arrived with the lucky winners now.

I welcomed Annette Hannah to my blog, read some fabulous proofs - you can always see what I'm reading featured on the right hand side of this post and generally got on with life in #lockdown.

I know we're technically not in it anymore, but for the time being I'm sticking to wide open spaces and a few socially distanced meet ups with friends.

And then, last but by no means least, this happened...

Away from my screen, it was gorgeous Sara-Jade Virtue who spotted not one, but two orange BESTSELLER flags cheerfully displayed on Amazon! The Secret Seaside Escape bagged a few flags thanks to the 99p Kindle Daily Deal and The Winter Garden is holding its own courtesy of the fabulous preorders you guys are making, so thank you all so much! Not a bad end to July, right?

Goodness knows what August has in store, but as long as it isn't searing heat, I'll be one happy author! 

Sending you all so much love 

H x

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