Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Celebrating strawberries!

As you have probably already guessed from the stunning cover, A TASTE OF HOME features its fair share of that most delicious of summer fruits, the strawberry and as it's one of my absolute faves, I thought a little celebration in the run up to publication day was in order!

I've eaten and enjoyed strawberries for as long as I can remember, and if you've read the inspiration behind the book post, (Books and The City feature) I wrote for my wonderful publisher, then you'll know all about my Nanna and Grandad and how I spent my summer holidays picking fruit for my grandad, along with what I loved and loathed about it!

I kick-start almost every day with strawberry topped cereal, but please don't tell Fliss (the main character in the book) as she and her Grandad Bill, are advocates of seasonal eating and most likely wouldn't appreciate me eating fruit which has flown further than the Fens.

I love strawberries for dessert too. The simplicity of strawberries and cream, with perhaps a few meringue pieces added for good measure, is hard to beat. That said, these cookies made for a deliciously indulgent sweet treat!

As well as eating, I've always found immense pleasure to be gained from growing my own. A couple of years ago, to celebrate the publication of POPPY'S RECIPE FOR LIFE, I planted up an old tin bath with a mix of strawberry plants, herbs and salad leaves.

The fruit were small, but perfectly formed and so, so sweet. They really enjoyed sharing the soil with crisp salad and fragrant herbs and there was no slug damage on any of the berries or leaves. I put that down to the plants being off the ground and the kind of container they were planted in.

Just enough for breakfast!

As well as growing and eating strawberries, I've recently noticed that they feature around the house quite a lot too. I have mugs, fabrics and notebooks all featuring the fine fruit.

Obsessed... me? Okay, maybe a little!

Do you have a favourite fruit that features in your diet and decorating? Let me know in the comments box below and we can compare notes!

This quote from Sally sums up A TASTE OF HOME to a T and with just two weeks to go until publication day, I can't wait to share this latest strawberry filled, summer adventure in Wynbridge with you all!

With love,

H x


  1. Strawberry picking is one of my favourite memories of life with my children when they were young. Such a treat, in the sunshine, perfectly ripe, beautifully tasty fruit (and minimal food miles 😂😂). The children, of course, spent most of the time sitting between the rows eating the strawberries and now I have grandchildren and the circle is going round again. It will soon be time to take 8 month old Tilly to pick strawberries, and the photos will look almost the same as those of her mother 30+ years ago!! Such a simple and special thing to do. BUT 😱😱😱 I actually prefer raspberries, 😂.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Lis. What absolutely wonderful memories. I just know Tilly will enjoy the experience too. My Nanna and Grandad had a double row of raspberry canes which was the boundary between them and their lovely neighbours. The row went on forever and I used to disappear in the middle, pluck the berries, warm from the sun, and wear them as thimbles before devouring the lot. Happy times! H x