Saturday, 1 May 2021

April highlights

 Can you believe it's May already? No, me neither! 

In the future, I'll be posting my monthly highlights during the last weekend of the month, but as the A TASTE OF HOME publication day was scheduled for the 29th and I had so much else to share, I thought I'd leave the April highlights until now.

However, before I get into sharing with you what have I enjoyed listening to, watching and reading over the last four weeks, I want to say a massive thank you to you all for making publication day so memorable! The Facebook Book Club party, organised and run by Fiona and Sue was a total triumph and I was delighted to see so many fabulous reviews for the book posted so quickly on Amazon!

The day for me also included the prettiest flowers 

and a stunning cherry and almond cake from my wonderful publisher!

And of course, last, but by no means least, I had my first dose of the vaccine and a #shelfie in Waterstones!

It was quite a day!

And, while I'm mentioning celebrations, don't forget to enter the publication week giveaway which is in a post below. There's still plenty of time and I also have an event over on Instagram with wonderful Oriana at 7.30pm tonight (May 1st). Details found in the event listings on the right.


What I read

I didn't read quite as many books as I planned to during April but that was because I was busy writing, editing and getting ready for publication day, however, my favourite of those I did read, was THE LAST ACT OF ADAM CAMPBELL by Andy Jones.

You don't need talent to join this group of actors. The ability to remember lines or stay awake throughout a performance is appreciated, but not essential. The only mandatory is a terminal diagnosis.

But Adam Campbell is less than enthusiastic about this eccentric form of group therapy. He has under one year to live, and a heck of lot to get done. Like explaining mortality to his six-year-old daughter. And making amends with the woman who should have been his wife.

The last thing Adam needs is a part in an amateur production of 'Shakespeare's Greatest Deaths'. But help and hope can be found where we least expect them. And perhaps camaraderie, and a shared purpose, will turn out to be the best medicine after all.

As Shakespeare, didn't quite put it: Shuffling off this mortal coil is a drag; but it's no reason to stop living.

Poignant, powerful and properly funny was how I described the book earlier in the week and it's a brave write too. I loved it!

What I watched

I haven't watched all that much on the tellybox, but one show I never miss is OUR YORKSHIRE FARM. I've watched and loved it right from the very first series and I'm still fascinated by this vibrant and entertaining clan.

I'm a huge fan of Tony the pony and have total parenting envy! Clive and Amanda are extraordinary in my opinion.

I also watched LOVE AND MONSTERS on NETFLIX, starring DYLAN O'BRIEN and that was fabulous too! Really fun!

In the real world, during my early morning walks, I've been watching the blossom bloom. Looking back through the camera roll on my phone, I know lots of things in the garden are much later than last year, but whenever they rock up they're a delight, right?

What I listened to

The dawn chorus has been a real feature during the last few weeks and it's getting earlier and earlier.

There are lots of very vociferous male blackbirds in and around my garden and they have to be my favourite bird to listen to around 4am!

I've also been listening to a few of the SARAH RAVEN and ARTHUR PARKINSON podcasts

Absolutely lovely, gentle listening

So, there we have it, that's what I've been reading, watching and listening to in April. The list isn't as lengthy as I would have liked which suggests I've got my work / life balance a bit out of kilter. Now I know, I'll try and make amends. 

After all, all work and no play...

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and thank you again for your support!

H x


  1. Sounds like a very busy but wonderful April xx

    1. Thank you Honey. It really was. The month flew by! It was my birthday too and I forgot to mention that. Hugs, H x