Saturday, 8 May 2021

Cherry and almond tart!

 So many people have been asking for the top secret,  Nonna Rossi cherry and almond tart recipe from A Taste of Home this weekend so, even though I've posted it before, I thought I'd share it again and make it easier to find!

I really hope you enjoy baking it and I'd LOVE to see the results on social media. Please tag me if you make it!

Happy baking and happy reading!

H x


  1. Ah, brilliant. I was sure you’d shared the recipe somewhere. I finished reading A Taste of Home yesterday. Another fabulous story from you set in beautiful Wynbridge, I love how characters reappear in your stories, making cameo appearances in somebody else’s story. Anyway, I want to make a Cherry and Almond tart at the weekend, when my sister and my niece are visiting me. Now I can. Thanks Heidi. xx

    1. Thank you so much Lis! I'm so sorry I've only just spotted your kind words. I hope the tart was a huge success. Much love H x