Thursday, 15 July 2021

The Cherry Tree Cafe publication anniversary

 All book birthdays are cause for celebration, but as with so many things in life, there's nothing quite like your first. I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen after THE CHERRY TREE CAFE eBook was published on July 16th 2015 (the paperback came out a couple of years later) and neither did I have any inkling that WYNBRIDGE was going to be the setting for an entire series!

I made lengths of beautiful book cover bunting with the Books and The City Team and held my breath in anticipation of The Big Day. It was a day I had craved for as long as I had dreamt of becoming a published author and I was delighted when it surpassed all expectations!

This photo was taken just a couple of days after publication day, at the launch party which was held in a beautiful arts cafe in Norwich, Arts Desire.

Within 48 hours of publication, I had achieved a huge ambition, and as this feature in the local press suggests, I was very happy!

Of course, I had absolutely no idea then that there was so much more to come! 

Bestseller flags, paperbacks, Sunday Times Bestseller status, award nominations, German, Italian and French editions and another 13 (so far) books. I wonder what I would have made of all of that as I tucked into the celebration cake and partied with supportive family and friends.

As you can see, the cover was updated when the paperback was published, but one thing remains the same - the love for Jemma, Lizzie, The Cherry Tree Cafe and the many, many friends who now populate wonderful Wynbridge and the surrounding countryside - and that makes me one VERY happy author!

H x

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