Monday, 27 December 2021

Sprinting towards 2022!

 Hello my loves! I hope this post finds you fit, well and not too exhausted from all the seasonal celebrations. As always, I find the weeks of planning and preparing leave me in no way ready for the arrival of the Solstice and the 25th and I've barely blinked before it's all over. 

It's been a good one though and thanks to some extremely generous gifting I find myself in possession of ALL of the books I've been craving AND I've another copy of A Christmas Carol to add to my growing collection.

Thank you so much DS and Emma!

So, what else has been happening in Heidi World...

Well, I've been awarded a hugely exciting and confidence boosting end to the year as A TASTE OF HOME has been named the NetGalley Members' General Fiction Book of the Year!

I know I've already shouted about it on all of my social media channels, but I'm so proud that I couldn't resist mentioning it here too.

Huge thanks to everyone who read and reviewed the book via NetGalley as these books are selected from reviews and responses which, for me, makes it even more special.

I've really enjoyed attending a couple of live events - one in Suffolk, the other in Ruislip. They were both well attended and great fun, but I can't deny they were scary too. Stepping out in front of an audience always raises my heart-rate, but with blooming Covid still doing its thing they weren't quite as relaxing and uplifting as they used to be.

We didn't look quite as glam either. Not that I've ever been glam!

Lots of you have been asking what I'm up to and the moment and I'm delighted to be able to tell you that I'm about to start writing the book which will be released in time for next Christmas. I even have a title which as you know, is absolutely unheard of! I can't tell you what it is yet, or where the book is set, but I know I'm going to have a very happy Swainette Squad when all is revealed.

I've also seen seen the cover for THE SUMMER FAIR and it is a stunner. It fits the story perfectly and I'm hoping that after a couple of very minor tweaks, I'll be able to have a grand reveal. If you would like a sneaky peak, then make sure you're signed up to the newsletter - via the box to the right of this post.

And talking of the letter, what a success that has been! I'd been putting off setting one up for literally years. I honestly thought no one would be interested but the 1000+ of you already on the list have proved me wrong. Thank you so, so much!

Right my loves, I've just heard the tumble drier timer screaming for attention - oh the high life - so I'd better sign off and start folding before everything needs ironing. That wouldn't be good!

With so much love, thanks and the warmest of wishes for a wonderful New Year

H x

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