Thursday, 17 March 2011

I know, I know but it was a light bulb moment!

I know I'm not supposed to be editing yet but it was one of those moments! You know how it is when you climb into bed and that little voice in your head goes 'you know what would be really good...if this character and that character ended up being related...and that could lead on to this... and then that...'

Well that's how it was, not that I am justifying my behaviour or anything, it was just one of those rare but brilliant flashes of inspiration that have to be acted on. What is the point of having a light bulb moment if you don't act on it? As I pointed out in my profile; writing is a constantly evolving process and you have to embrace that, let the characters run away with the plot and if you are lucky enough to hear them speaking to you make sure you listen! And, of course, always keep your notebook by your bed because they will probably speak up when you least expect it!


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