Friday, 10 June 2011

The Journey...

Would you agree with me that sometimes it is the meandering unplanned and largely unknown journey that makes the destination all the more exciting or are you one of those people who has to have everything keyed into the sat nav with no room for deviation before they set off?

I have always considered myself to be quite a planner. Someone who needs everything to be 'just so' if they are to succeed but if nothing else, writing this novel has proved that I may be wrong and that I am still travelling along a very steep literary learning curve! Yes, you have guessed it; they are at it again! My characters are skipping off the edges of the map and only letting me in on the change of direction just as my fingers are about to strike the keys!

I still know where we are all going to arrive but how we are going to hitch hike there is something of a mystery!


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