Wednesday, 1 June 2011


More often than not those of us who scribe away in complete isolation fall to wondering whether what we are writing is actually worth reading and whether our efforts are always going to be in vain.

With this in mind today has been something of a red letter day for me. Writing magazine landed on the door mat as expected and I was delighted to discover that a monologue I had submitted as a competition entry had reached the final judging stage! Needless to say there was much squealing as I saw my name listed and it didn't matter that I hadn't won. What was more important to me was that a panel of people who really know their words, had thought what I had written was worthy, made sense, fulfilled the criteria...all of those things that us isolated writers struggle to achieve every day!

Seeing my name in print has given me a much needed confidence boost and I am now more determined than ever to keep typing away...


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