Sunday, 11 September 2011

Back to work...

Back to work and all is well. Managed to write every single day last week and have even managed the odd hour here and there over the weekend. Have now almost finished chapter 3 although it is proving to be slightly more troublesome than I had expected...

I mean, it is all there in my head just waiting to leap from my brain on to the page but it just doesn't seem to want to for some reason. I know where I am heading and can remember exactly where I have been (having only written two previous chapters) but there are two new characters who just don't want to introduce themselves properly!

I have read recently that chapter 3 can be notoriously difficult for any number of reasons and dismissed it in my own case as I had planned so reward for smugness no doubt. With this in mind I have given myself until the end of next Wednesday and then I shall simply have to move on.

I'll keep you posted!


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