Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Feeling strangely calm...

'New' novel going really, really well after last week's shock decision. I am taking my time - planning chapter by chapter and making additional notes as and when ideas come to me. All pretty much the same as I was doing before but I can't help feeling this time around that a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and that now, finally, I have got it right, that I can take my time as long as I am still being productive.

I always knew this first novel would be something of a learning curve and the biggest lesson so far is to accept that my way of doing things is the best way for me.

It is all very well reading about how other writer's plan their novels, where they sit, how much time they dedicate to the keyboard, whether or not they cover the house in post it notes, but at the end of the day I have had to find a method that works for me and thankfully, I think I have! I am a perpetual list maker, an organiser and a compulsive note taker. Writing by the seat of my pants just didn't work for me...I only wish I could have realised it six months ago...


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