Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Starting over...

76,000 words in and I realise i've been writing the wrong story...well, writing it in the wrong way...

Sounds dramatic, heart breaking, like i've completely wasted the last eight months, but no, fear not. This is 'me' writing - Mrs Half Full!

Last week as I was smugly reading through I realised that there were some serious flaws with my efforts (the use of too many 'flashbacks' to name one) and that it would be better now to cut my losses and re-work the whole manuscript than plough on immersed in denial!

It may sound dramatic and soul destroying but it isn't really. The characters are still the same, as is the majority (although not all) of the plot I just need to tell it in a different way.

Perfecting chapter one this week and using lots of the material I already had so not all doom and gloom. The only slight glitch of course is that the December deadline is fast slipping through my fingers...if only I had worked this out at the beginning of the six week break and not ten days before the end...


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