Tuesday, 16 August 2011

How did I manage that?

Happily typing away last night I checked the word count and saw that I have now reached over 75,000 words! I am well aware that a professional full time author would probably say 'So what? I can churn that out in a month', but this is me, the person who has been procrastinating for well, literally years! At this rate the bare bones will have been fleshed out by the onset of autumn - wow!

Yesterday I had a lazy three hour lunch with a friend in Norwich. We were sitting together, happily chatting away, when I realised that a fellow diner had taken out his notebook and was writing down - what I presumed to be - our conversation. Now I know we all do it, writers and non-writers alike but can I please appeal for a little discretion. I don't want to know when I am being scrutinised by a fellow fan of the overheard conversation!

This morning has flown by in something of a haze as I realised I had missed my Country Notes article deadline. It is quite amazing just how quickly 800 reasonably competent words can flow out of the end of my fingers when the pressure is really on and there are no kids in the house. It has made me wonder just how much I could achieve if I had the opportunity to sit here and just type away every day. I will of course find out when I am a successful published author...assuming of course that hell hasn't frozen over first!


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