Monday, 3 October 2011

Let's be honest - this just isn't working...

Something has happened over the last couple of weeks - i've lost my writing mojo - completely. The icing on the cake was coming home from a bad day at work and seeing my submitted piece for writing magazine pulled apart and not in a good way. No-one likes to see their work pulled to pieces but I am prepared to take the critisism - what would have been the point of sending the piece in if I wasn't?

However, it has made me think. Writing has always been a pleasure, something to look forward to but recently it has become a chore...a drudge and that just can't be good can it?

So, what to do? Spit the dummy and give up, I don't think so! No, I am opting for a different approach. File the novel, with the stress on the word file, not hit the delete button. Enrol on a course - hopefully - to meet some like minded scribblers and gain a fresh prospective and begin writing again - and enjoy it!

I'll keep you posted.


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