Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Congratulations - you've been converted!

Isn't it nice when suddenly things begin to fall into place? If only I had read that planning article a few months ago I could have saved myself a whole heap of heart ache, not to mention wasted months...
However, I have read it now, digested it and am planning as a result of it. A 'whole' new novel, (with the emphasis on the 'whole') has been thought about and committed to paper. Any gaps have been plugged and for the first time I am able to see a novel as a complete package. Beginning, middle and end are all there and I am able to work through any potential plot problems before I come up against them when writing 'the real thing'.
A couple more weeks and I should be ready to start the first draft safe in the knowledge that what happens next has already been decided. There is still of course room to be flexible, add things in and take others away but the bare bones, the skeleton is there and that in itself is a comfort.

Not that I have been idle on the short story front - I now have three almost ready for Shortbread submission and shall be re-reading and tweaking two of them before the Easter holidays. The waiting list for publication is long on the site now but I still won't submit until I am as happy with the stories as I possibly can be. There really is no point in rushing the process because I would only be disappointed with the result!

Happy writing fellow scribblers!


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