Saturday, 18 February 2012

World Book Night April 23rd 2012

Very excited to have received an e-mail announcing that I have been selected to be a 'book giver' on April 23rd World Book Night. My first choice from the book list was Rebecca and I have been fortunate enough to have been given that title to distribute amongst anyone who has never read it before. I first came across the book at university and have read it many times since. It is full of suspense, drama and tension and even though I now know the twists and turns I am still chilled by the haunting character of Mrs Danvers...

On a more romantic note my Shortbread Romance competition entry has only secured two votes so any blog readers who think the story worthy of a tick in the box please feel free! It would be great to make the top ten list.


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  1. I read Rebecca a few years back and then read Jamaica Inn - loved them both and agree with commentators who have likened Rebecca to Jane Eyre.