Saturday, 17 March 2012

Maintaining the momentum...

Another Shortbread story published and, so far, enjoyed. This one is called The Shopper and follows the observations of Edith a widow with a cruel habit of stereotyping. She does of course suffer in the end - and so she should! Please have a read to discover just how scathing this woman can be!

The novel is coming along beautifully. Almost 27,000 words written in just over three weeks. I can't believe it really but I think it's the comfort of having the plan behind me. There's no time wasted thinking about what is going to happen next because I already know. There is still room for change and addition of course but there is also purpose and point.

Writing every day is a big help as well, even if it is only a few sentences in my notebook. Maintaining the momentum is keeping the whole project flowing and that can only be a good thing! Of course things may change in a couple of weeks as we become the very proud owners of a golden labrador puppy uniquely named Honey! I might not be feeling quite so blase then but I will of course keep you posted!



  1. Hi there Heidi-Jo - thought I'd pop in and say hello, it's lovely to find fellow shortbreaders blogging, good luck with the novel.

  2. Thanks for taking a look at the blog Diane. I find it keeps me on the straight and narrow! Amazing how the guilt stacks up if I haven't got anything to report...