Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Grab what you can!

Well we are counting down the days until the arrival of our labrador puppy Honey and I am writing as much as I possbily can, whenever I possibly can, wherever I am... You get the idea!

The word count has reached over 37,000 so clearly being under pressure suits me and I am smugly going round telling anyone still stupid enough to listen that if you want something badly enough you'll find a way of fitting it in! I only hope nobody reminds me of that when I am up to my ears in toilet training and chewed shoes...

The extra hour of daylight helps of course even though my early morning starts are now in the dark but I know that won't last for long. I think most people find it impossible not to feel optimistic as the days grow warmer, the birds sing earlier and the lawns needs cutting. If only we could have eight hours refreshing rain a night then life would be sweet indeed!



  1. Yeah,pack the writing in before the puppy craziness begins! Well done on the word count though.

  2. Now come on! What I need is for you to say is 'yes, you'll find a way of doing everything even if it is manic...just keep going!' I can't pack it in - not now - i'm a woman possessed...or should that be obsessed?
    Word count still rising...