Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Creative writing challenge...

Creative writing sessions with Julia Webb open with a writing exercise. They are always interesting and challenging and sometimes the end result is a little shocking! This is what I came up with when I closed my eyes and plucked a lemon from her bag of tricks...

     A disturbing thought crosses my mind as I reach into the bag and pull out a lemon. I know what it is immediately...but it doesn't help.
     The lemon is usually a much favoured ingredient in my kitchen and enhances many things...not least my tall cool G and T that offers succour at the end of a tiring day.
     However this lemon, plucked from the depths is different. This lemon that at first I was only allowed to feel has pulled my thoughts down a disconcerting path.
     It's skin, smooth to the eye, is lumpy and bumpy to touch and I realise with a heavy heart that it does indeed feel like cellulite...and that sadly, I have felt it before...

It is fascinating what the brain comes up with when one of more of the senses are denied. Whydon't you give it a try?

The second exercise involved taking a slip of paper and writing about whatever was typed on it. Mine was - A bus shelter at midnight and it turned out to be rather a sad little tale. Perhaps I will share it in a week or two if you are interested?

Other creative works continue apace...novel editing...short story writing...and now the sun is shining there is the added distraction of the garden to tempt me away from the keyboard...still, no-one said it would be easy! There are always going to be excuses and reasons not to write we just have to make sure we don't give in to them. I find a strict timetable helps - I can enjoy the garden after I have completed so many pages of editing etc. I always find it easier to reach my self imposed targets if the threat of guilt is lingering in the background. What about you?

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