Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Variety = Creativity

I think I somewhat underestimated how tricky it was going to be juggling another ball on top of my current writing bundle however the pressure seems to be paying off.

Editing the first draft of my novel is absorbing as well as time consuming but not what I would consider 'creative', just pure slog! Of course I am trying to improve it and hone it but that doesn't necessarily give me the opportunity to get my teeth into something new.

Bring on the creative writing course! This is giving me the opportunity to go off on various flights of fancy and produce snippets of work I wouldn't dream of including in the novel, but may well develop into short stories in the future. The happy result of writing these 'snippets' is that I still feel stretched and challenged to produce something fresh and exciting. Consequently I am exercising my creative brain and am a much happier writer!

Not forgetting...I am also drafting a competition entry for writing magazine - a short story that has to include a pair of gloves, a passport and a I said...variety = creativity! If it isn't a winner i'll post it on Shortbread but fingers crossed!

Happy writing!

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