Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Happy Birthday Blog!

Well according to an entry in my writing diary today is the Blog's birthday! I am not completely sure that the date is correct but thought I could hardly let the day pass without a quick look back at everything I have achieved during the last twelve months.

The year has been mostly productive and even the 'low points' have been cunningly turned into reasons to push on, change, or perhaps simply just keep going! I have seven published stories on Shortbread (and have another pending), a draft novel on the memory stick and an abundance of ideas. Not bad!

So what does the future hold? Well, at the moment I am beginning to edit the novel and am about to enrol on another creative writing course run by the extremely talented poet Julia Webb. Changes in working hours may mean that from September I won't have he luxury of whole days off during the week so I am having to get my head round that as well. Next stop will be searching for an agent, then publishing and reaching the giddy heights of having written a bestselling novel...oh how I wish!

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