Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Write on!

Busy, busy, busy would be the best way to describe the creative part of my writer's brain at the moment! Not content with being up to my eyes in novel editing (which is far harder than spewing out the first draft in my opinion), I have now got the stirrings of another short story rumbling around the recesses when I should be getting a decent night's sleep! Ordinarily I would have to let either the novel suffer or save the story for another day but at the moment I can have my cake and eat it.

I can only edit the novel at home when I am in front of the screen so those few precious minutes before work and during my lunch hour means that I can develop the short story without the usual pangs of guilt and frustration. I am not the kind of person who can happily waste time so this schedule ticks all my 'wring the neck of every day' requirements.

I have also enrolled on another creative writing course with the immensely talented local poet Julia Webb. Classes start this Friday and I can't wait for the burst of inspiration and fresh ideas that her clever exercises unlock.

On a final happy note I have had a look at Shortbread this morning and found three of my stories (The Hole, Big Boys Don't Cry and Dead Mean's Tree), on the first page of most popular stories. Thank heavens for Shortbread! It keeps my confidence buoyant and my determination to keep writing on an equal footing with the rest of life's more irksome demands!


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