Sunday, 10 June 2012

Take a break...

Half term and Hubby on a week off as well. Consequently writing has been slightly marginalised in the frenzy of catching up with family, undertaking long forgotten domestic chores and tending the garden. However, having said that I did come across an interesting little feature on Radio 2 during an early morning ironing session which provided a plethora of writing inspiration!

The presenter was on air early Friday morning (not his usual slot but things had been re-scheduled because of the Jubilee celebrations) and he was asking people to tweet, e-mail of text in with their reasons for being up so early. Time to grab the pen and notepad! Reasons included;

waiting to go to hospital for surgery...consequently nervous, hungry etc
a mother who had driven her daughter to work ...first day milking on a local farm
family en route to airport to jet off and be re-united with friends

The list was endless and varied and with a little lateral thinking many of the reasons could be turned into excellent short stories! Just goes to prove that even on holiday the writer's brain is never switched off doesn't it?


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