Saturday, 16 June 2012

A nudge in the right direction...

Sometimes I think we all need a bit of a nudge...a push to keep us going or point us in the right direction don't you?

I have dedicated a solid six months to my novel now. It is written and very nearly edited (for the first time) but to what end? What was I actually going to do with my finished manuscript? File it away? Search for an agent? To be honest I didn't really know and for the time being, I wasn't worried. I was content to fantasise about book signings and shelves filled with my name. The key word there being 'fantasise'. However, my lovely creative writing tutor Julia Webb has been harbouring other ideas.

She messaged me details of an afternoon seminar being held at the Writer's Centre in Norwich called How To Get Your Novel Published with the insinuation that is was reasonably priced and would be well worth a look. I logged on to the website, read the impressive details and without even trying to talk myself out of it booked a ticket.

I have never darkened the doors of the Writer's Centre before, always favouring the 'I am not worthy' argument and keeping myself and my writing under wraps. However, all that is about to change! I shall be attending the seminar with my head held high...possibly in a darkened seat at the back...and having a good long think and listen about where exactly this novel is really destined to go!

I will of course let you know how I get on!


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