Thursday, 29 November 2012

And now for something completely different...

Well, it is done! The novel, complete with first edit, is completely typed up and will be, as of today, filed away for an appropriate length of time in order to give me some distance and perspective before diving back in.

Proud, excited, amazed...for once words can't sum up the emotion!

I had wondered whether I was ready to put it to one side yet but, washing the breakfast dishes yesterday morning, I realised yes, it is time. As I stood, up to my elbows in suds, the seed of an idea came to me for a short story (macabre of course). It was already beautifully formed and ready to be written and I realised it has been quite literally months since that has happened. My Shortbread contributions dwindled as the novel gained momentum and consequently 'nothing new' has been forthcoming...until now. Consequently there is no pang, no sting attached to finishing a project but excitement and anticipation for what is yet to come!


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