Sunday, 30 December 2012

The responsibility and excitement associated with buying a new 'busy book'.

A wordy title I know but there really is a heavy weight of responsibility coupled with a heady sense of excitement when one enters the shop in pursuit of the next 'busy book'! Any writer worth their salt knows this only too well and none less than me because my last purchase was a complete failure.

I currently have two packed busy books. Both crammed with my own 'literary gems', newspaper and magazine cuttings and a plethora of potential ideas for best sellers (well they are in my mind anyway). The third book however has always been something of a dud, tucked away in the corner and less than half filled despite being opened more than six months ago.

The problem was obvious from the start and should have been nipped in the bud straightaway but what with the novel and everything I simply let the situation slide and consequently a new purchase was necessary in order to get my much rested creative juices flowing again. Of course along with all fellow scribblers I can and do write on absolutely anything; bus tickets, till receipts, tiny scraps torn from paper bags, they all have their uses but when it comes to pulling it all together the busy book is where the pen leads me!

Fabric covered books are my quarry. The kind with flexible covers that allow for multiple paper clip insertions and plenty of glue. The final choice is pictured below and it was of course the first one I picked up but certainly not the last one I looked at (sorry Paul and Amelia). All I have to do now is muster the courage to put pen to paper and I'll be off and writing again!


Busy Book of choice 2013

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