Tuesday, 8 January 2013

And off we go again!

New year, new busy book and renewed enthusiasm! So far so good!

Getting over the nerves of filling the first blank page of the new busy book was easily overcome by (and no shouts of 'cheat' please), penning a '2012 writing accomplishments' list, along with a '2013 to do' list. I know it can hardly be called 'writing proper' but it got me out of the blocks.

I have also made notes regarding The Raven which is threatening to fly off in all manner of unexpected directions.

However, before you all start nagging, I have made fresh attempts at 'new' wrtiting by shamelessly going back to one of the exercises writing tutor Julia Webb suggested last year. Pick up a book, open it, read the first line of a paragraph and write...

The novels I have plundered are, One Day by David Nicholls and When God Was A Rabbitt by Sarah Winman. Interestingly the writing that followed their first sentences could be easily used in The Raven and I find myself thinking how cunningly the mind works when we become fixated on a new story or plot line. I had no intention of writing about potential characters but up they popped, unexpected and unbidden!

Work on the novel has also begun today. For five weeks it has languished untouched and it is refreshing to pick it up again and begin reading and editing with fresh eyes and the benefit of a bit of distance. I'm limiting myself to two chapters a day and trying not to get too bogged down with thinking about what I'll do with it when I've finally honed and polished to (my version) of perfection. I will of course keep you posted!


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